Great Home Renovation Tips for the 2021 Post-pandemic Era

If there is something that this rather unexpected 2020 has taught us, with quarantine, the restrictions, and the new standards of safety that will most likely accompany us for longer, is the value of a functional home that responds to our needs. Some of us might indeed have thought at least once to take over some home renovation work during this year – especially considering the scheme that the Government is offering (and probably will continue offering throughout 2021). Therefore, we at Crown Homes would like to share what we believe are some great tips for those who are considering home renovations. Renovations can increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle. 

Home Renovation Tip 1. Make the most out of the space

Even if you haven’t thought of it, there might be space for an extra room, even if tiny, that could become an office or a studio. It was certainly unusual for many of us to have to work from home. And who would have predicted that kids would have had to study online via Zoom? It has been challenging for the majority to adopt. However, the pandemic experience has shown us the benefits of smart working – not only for an emergency but for everyday efficiency. Having an extra bedroom that can double as an office or studio is not only useful for equity but also very practical these days. 

Home Renovation Tip 2) Increase the functionality:

First of all, no matter how big or small the job is, make sure your builder trust chooses materials that last and therefore save money in the long term. Secondly, make your use energy-efficient by insulating. By insulating the roof for a warmer house in winter and strategically positioning the windows can aid natural flow-through ventilation. Many other interventions can decrease your bills significantly. When you see the reduction in your costs, you won’t regret the effort. 

Home Renovation Tip 3) Boost your outdoor area:

 If you have had an outside living space, you might have realized already what a luxury it is to have a private place of your own. It is nice to have a barbecue, some beers and perhaps even a veggie garden, right? Another great idea is to build a pergola or a house extension as a patio. They provide shade and protection from poor weather and can improve the look of the garden. Finally, you could consider building a granny flat or a workshed – to host guests or to work on your hobby – even in the unfortunate case of another lockdown. 

Home Renovation Tip 4) Think ahead:

It might not be your case, but it is good to consider the possibility of selling or renting the house in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to renovate your home not only according to your taste and needs but also keeping in mind how to make it more valuable for a potential buyer or seller. For example:

* Using neutral colors and materials for the walls and the flooring; increasing the natural light (which always improves the look and the mood of the living space)

* Building extra windows (or enlarging the existing ones)

* Checking the plumbing and the electrical to make sure everything is in order

* Functionally distributing powerpoints, but most of all:

* Improving the kitchen size and appearance. 

One likely trend over the next few years is the return of the kitchen as the heart of the house. Families have been, indeed, rediscovering the pleasures of home cooking – the tradition and the warmth of a homemade meal. 

Home Renovation Tip 5) Do not panic.

Renovating can be a complex project to accomplish, and there are regulations to know and approvals to apply. Most of all, nobody wants to live in a messy work in progress environment for too long. It is understanding if only the idea makes you feel overwhelmed. However, remember that it is not only manageable but is also utterly doable by planning it step by step. And yes, within a time frame and a budget. So, do not get discouraged. 

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